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 The Guilds of the Infamous Ones

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PostSubject: The Guilds of the Infamous Ones   Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:32 am

Infamous Ones
Read here to know more about the guilds, and the Alliance!

On January 30th, 2012, these guilds came together and became The Infamous Ones

Enlighten Enlighten

Guild Master: Dando
About: Let me Enlighten you on what we as a guild stand for. The shield we bear upon our banner acts as our connection to one another as friends. Together we protect ourselves and one another from the sanctions that threaten us from near or far. Together we grow, together we stand, everyday our bonds grow deeper, and with those bonds our shield shines brighter.

MoonlitDream MoonlitDream

Guild Master: Jade
About: Lead by Jade, MoonlitDream is a guild with a long history and a new light. Together we strive to achieve our goals and dreams within the game as well as outside of it. Based closely around connections in and out of game, MoonlitDream gladly invites those who wish to join us.

DemFruits DemFruits

Guild Master: Robby
About: We here at DemFruits aim to provide with a healthy playstyle and outlook on a game such as MapleStory. We feel that with the abundance of leaves, events, equipment, and stories made of maple, a bit of Vitamin-C is needed in order to balance your diet of grinding and questing.

SoftKitty SoftKitty

Guild Master: Eric
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The Guilds of the Infamous Ones
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